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ADMIRAL ADAM - a premium experience

ADMIRAL ADAM feature an avant-garde design with a fun environment where customers can benefit from a top-notch game offering in the comfort of state-of-the-art NOVOMATIC and APEX game equipment. The game offer is expanded through TIP & CASH sports betting terminals and live sports events. The services offered are complemented by friendly staff, FREE BAR and FREE WIFI.

ADMIRAL ADAM - Ion Campineanu street no. 29, vis-a-vis Sala Palatului (fostul magazin Adam)


O noua locatie ADMIRAL Entertainment in Bucuresti!

Din martie va puteti bucura de experienta de joc premium ADMIRAL intr-o noua locatie, la adresa: Blvd. Decebal nr. 16, bl.S5, sector 3, Bucuresti.

Premii Jackpot, pariuri sportive si noi echipamente de joc NOVOMATIC ce asigura distractia la cote maxim.

ADMIRAL intr-o noua locatie in Oradea!

Avem placerea de a va informa ca incepand din data de 09.03.2018 am deschis o noua sala de jocuri ADMIRAL in Oradea, Str. Constantin Nottara nr. 2, bl. C2.

Va asteptam cu promotii, premii Jackpot, pariuri sportive si echipamente de utlima ora!


Distractia este la cote maxime in Targu Jiu!

ADMIRAL este de acum si in TARGU JIU! Te asteptam cu premii, distractie si echipamente de ultima ora.

Te poti inscrie la actiunea de promovare „I LOVE TARGU-JIU“  care se desfasoara in perioada 05 - 30 martie 2018 doar in noua sala ADMIRAL Entertainment din strada Victoriei, bl. 25.

Oferim tuturor participantilor la joc sansa de a castiga premii in valoare de 6.500 lei in fiecare vineri de la ora 19:00.

In plus, oricand puteti beneficia de unul din premiile Jackpot puse la bataie!

Pentru mai multe detalii, despre campanie si premiile Jackpot, apelati la personalul salii.  


Te asteptam intr-o noua locatie Admiral in Targoviste!

Incepand cu luna ianuarie a acestui an, in Targoviste va puteti bucura de experienta de joc ADMIRAL in noua locatie din Bulevardul Unirii nr. 1A


La ADMIRAL, Jackpot-urile se tin lant! 410.151,10 lei castigati la ALL ROMANIA!!!

Preferat de multi jucatori,  jocul Book Of RA i-a adus unui bucurestean, client fidel al ADMIRAL Titan, impresionantul castig de

410.151,10 lei! Daca data de 7 aprilie 2017 sau numarul 2104 al aparatului din sala de jocuri i-au purtat noroc fericitului castigator, nu

stim nici noi, insa cu siguranta astfel de premii Jackpot vor mai fi acordate la ADMIRAL! 


Distractie cu Anna Lesko si premii nenumarate la deschiderea ADMIRAL Winmarkt din Ploiesti!





Besides the well-known ADMIRAL Jackpots: All Romania, Local, Lucky Hour, VIP and Dominator, we added another Jackpot, for you to have even more chances to win!

The new HAPPY HOUR Jackpot! Everyday, from 6 PM to 11 PM, 3 extra prizes!

*Available only in certain locations

Sports betting on a new level - now available in ADMIRAL gaming halls

The NOVOMATIC experience also puts its stamp on sports betting!

Starting March 2015, ADMIRAL is ready to meet its clients demands with the new TIP&CASH sports betting terminals.

Advantages of the new terminal solution:

- Non-stop betting

- Extended offer on LIVE events

- Best usability for the guest

- Direct betting through the terminal’s bill acceptor

- Traditional betting at the counter included

- No administration fee on tickets

- Multiple betting options, live and fixed events on the same ticket

- If you change your mind we offer a payback feature

- Even with the losing tickets you have another chance to win TIP&CASH prizes!

Our friendly TIP&CASH staff will be at hand to explain the functionalities of the new TIP&CASH sports betting terminals.

Guests who prefer the traditional betting method may still place their bets in any ADMIRAL gaming hall at the counter.