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Responsible Gaming

Gaming and betting, if they are well regulated and fair offerings, are thrilling entertainment and gaming fun.

But they can also become an uncontrollable passion. For a small group of all those who like to enjoy gaming fun on a regular basis, gaming and betting can pose the risk of lapsing into an increasingly uncontrollable behavior that can lead to numerous problems. It is therefore important to guard against such developments in time, in order to maintain the entertainment and fun aspects of gaming and betting.

For the NOVOMATIC Group, addiction prevention has always been a major concern and part of the companys corporate social responsibility concept.

We inform our guests about the potential problems and apply measures for the protection of minors and pathological gamblers with a modern and pan-European competence network.

But we also support self-help: NOVOMATIC cooperates with research facilities and has created a free of charge help-line together with the psychology and psychotherapy cabinet Aquamarin.

NOVOMATIC also helps to constantly enlarge the advice and prevention network of regional non-profit self-help groups.

Besides the regulatory requirements, our clients are offered the possibility of a self-imposed ban.

HELP LINE: 0800 800 099       


For further information and a self-test please visit www.jocresponsabil.ro

If you have questions about our Responsible Gaming Program, please feel free to contact us at responsible.gaming@admiralromania.ro